A tool to communicate the opportunity for waste reduction and help explain Lean concepts through visualization. From shop-floor to CEO, all levels of an organization can understand the impact of waste when they see a Critical Path Map.

Identifying the activities that have the most potential to impact performance is critical to a business with limited resources. Prioritization can be done before brainstorming such that the process is targeted, effective, and efficient. Once prioritized, we use the Lean toolbox to facilitate brainstorming and improve the process.

This is a tool to help facilitate the most effective application of Lean practices.

A Critical Path Map, the output of the software, visualizes any process in a time-proportional visual-aid. Each step in the process is time-stamped allowing the calculation of cycle times, but more importantly the time between activities. Drawing each activity to scale helps anyone quickly understand a process flow.

The tool also includes the concept of the value-of-time by color-coding activities. Combined with the to-scale mapping, it is easy to identify how much opportunity exists and where in the process it is located.

The information provided by Critical Path Maps is meant to provide a simple interface to better understand the manufacturing process and explain why Lean works.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

As an outside processing company supporting the aerospace industry, the Critical-Path Mapping software has opened our eyes to where our waste actually is. Easy to use; the output adds a visual clarity that has led us to ask questions that have never been asked before.  Reduced flow time is what our customers desire.  We now better understand where Lean activities can have the biggest impact.

Todd Dunnington
Todd DunningtonCEO, Skills Inc