Our mission at Factory Concepts is to provide tools and information to create a sustainable American supply base and achieve greater global competitiveness. We pursue this goal by building simple-but-effective niche tools which help teach Lean concepts and provide the insight needed to justify capital equipment or operational changes, in addition to offering a variety of services.

Factory Concepts exists to provide such an advantage by disseminating strategies and knowledge through software. Software does not exist to replace understanding but instead to standardizes the application of it.

  • Visualize the Value of Time
  • Prioritize Improvement Opportunities
  • Reduce Lead Times


Factory Concepts Seeks Seed Funds

The USA must invest in local manufacturing to create a home-field advantage and grow a more globally competitive supply base. This is why I am happy to announce that Factory Concepts is seeking a seed round of funding using the Angel Investment Network to complete the modernization of Value Stream Modeling (MPX) and Critical Path Mapping, and to launch the Factory Concepts Knowledge Base.

My goal is to build niche applications that standardize the application and practice of continuous improvement while supporting self-education by disseminating knowledge through online courses. The traditional model of retaining knowledge within a small community is not scalable and is slowing the progress of our industry!

Factory Conceps Acquires New Technology

In 2018, Factory Concepts negoiated the takeover of a rapid-modeling technology, based on queing theory, called MPX. The technology allows users to enter very basic information about a traditional manufacturing shop to determine the feasibility of production, estimated lead-times, and projected utilizations. What is unique about this package is that it allows the user to dive into the “types of time” that contribute to utilization and lead-time, such as waiting for labor, queuing, setup, and processing time. This level of analysis coupled with a very simple modeling approach creates an environment accessible to most users in Manufacturing, and an ideal tool for professionals.

The software has been used for some time by universities to demonstrate core Lean concepts, as well as by engineering teams to conduct supplier development projects. Factory Concepts is dedicated to providing great software experiences to this community.

Critical Path Time @ The White House

In 2015, The White House Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable met to enforce the important role small manufacturing firms play in the strategy to accelerate progress in U.S manufacturing and to improve the competitiveness of the national supply chain. To demonstrate the benefits of Supplier Development, 20 manufacturers and suppliers were invited to share their strategy to strengthen small firms in their supply chain.

The top US Aerospace OEM reviewed a 2-year pilot which helped suppliers meet the Partnering for Success requirements, using the concepts which Factory Concepts evangelizes,

“…announcing the permanent expansion of a Supplier Development program that utilizes Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) analysis to expand business opportunities.”

The OEM has reported participants in the program achieved 10%-50% growth in sales volume.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

As an outside processing company supporting the aerospace industry, the Critical Path Mapping software has opened our eyes to where our waste actually is. Easy to use; the output adds a visual clarity that has led us to ask questions that have never been asked before.  Reduced flow time is what our customers desire.  We now better understand where Lean activities can have the biggest impact -Todd Dunnington, Skills, Inc.

We have used the MPX software to analyze the impact that adding new products will have on our cellular manufacturing. Looking towards the future, we hope to extend this type of manufacturing and the VSM software will play a big role in determining what resources are needed – Jeff Nowak, KSM Industries, Inc.



Nearly 99% of manufacturing businesses in the U.S. are considered “Small to Midsize Manufacturers” by the Small Business Association. Further, it is not uncommon to find 80 percent of the final cost to be from purchased components. Even further, the supply chain  is responsible for over 80% of the total lead-time of a final product. What all this means is that the greatest opportunity is in the supply chain!

At Factory Concepts, we work with both OEMs and suppliers to address this potential. It has become a competitive necessity to build sustianable supply chain partnerships and manage performance beyond the traditional KPIs. Let us help!

  • Supply Chain Development Programs
  • Continuous Improvement Projects
  • Developmental Training
  • Management Consulting